Nighthawk Publishing was established in February 2000 to provide editorial support for the FIRE Project.

From the FIRE Project startup, in August 1989, until February 2000, the FIRE Project had a staff of volunteers who were responsible for developing the on-line systems, on which the project ran, maintaining the growing FIRE Project family of Internet portals, responsible for editorial content and the management and uploading of material contributed by supporters.

In 1999 it was clear that the FIRE Project would run for an indefinite period, its initial purpose having been to experiment with multi-media news and information provided from intelligent databases via the Internet for no more than five years. As the Project had developed, more tasks had been added, including the provision of production software that could produce eBooks and hard copy books in traditional bindings. During 1999 the Project personnel had joined a number of groups working on the issues surrounding electronic publishing and copyright, including membership of the voluntary group established by the British Library.

Given the growing range of tasks it was decided to set up Nighthawk Publishing as a home for all of our volunteers who were working on the expanding on-line content and all associated editorial and publishing duties.

It was decided that, during 2019, a major technical program would be undertaken to put the FIRE Project into a sustainable format that could be continued long into the future by new and younger volunteers. This work required the suspension of some legacy content and some functionality. By August 2019 we had completed much of the work and begun adding portals to the existing family. By mid 2020 we had started work on the restoration of free down loadable eBooks, eMagazines, eNewspapers and ePamphlets.

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