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Author Gilbert de Jonestun



FIRE Project Portals Editorial Desk for incoming news and information for publication

Web:  FIRE Project news digest journal digest, carrying synopsis of all news postings to FIRE Project news and information portals, with links to full news stories posted to FIRE Project public access portals FIRE Project news digest journal for all maritime news posted to FIRE Project news and information portals. This new portal has opened as part of our thirtieth anniversary reworking of the FIRE Project


FLASH NEWS: Nighthawk Publishing book program has restarted with the publication of a new book in Kindle and Paperback – “Einarr’s Saga – The Winter”; Kindle edition; Paperback edition – also available on UK, and other Amazon sites at local currency pricing


Public access Internet Portals  On-line databases reviewing books and other products  News and information relating to aerospace defence and intelligence A record of the Alpha Global Expedition, the first vertical circumnavigation by sea Broadly Boats, commercial and leisure marine topics Broadly Guns, firearms, bombs, rockets, missiles, defences, and related topics    Broads On Line, news and information about the Broads National Park and surrounding area Broadly Risks, risk related topics but including cybersecurity and transport/vehicles  Political views, comment and information including legislation issues A record of the attempt by Craig Speller to win a fourth World Championship for hydroplane racing Information and order details for the family of boats designed by Conrad Natzio for home building News and information about Mystic Seaport and the Charles W Morgan whaleship A directory system that is part of the UCI cybersecurity project General information about the FIRE Project with links to public access portals FIRE Project news journal digest, carrying synopsis and full news stories posted to FIRE Project public access portals  Nighthawk Publishing, news and information about Nighthawk Publishing and its book list, including free download titles Creative arts news and information including book publishing and events Search and Rescue news and information



Twitter feed:  @Firetrench Carries headline and image from news stories published in

Facebook feed: @Firetrench Currently carrying selected news as headline, synopsis and image. Primarily publishing and creative arts news and cybersecurity alerts – this feed  is being expanded to additional topics

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