Christmas Special Day 3 – free Kindle edition of “Einarr’s Saga, The Winter” from Amazon

Day 3 -The Christmas Special offer of free copies of the Kindle edition of “Einarr’s Saga, The Winter” started Friday 11th December 2020 & ends Monday 14th December 2020, so don’t miss it

Inspired by family sagas, the author follows two young warriors forged in battle. The family saga was handed down through the generations as a private record and, in recent years, archaeology has been proving new insights that support the family saga version of history. – Very Highly Recommended.

Now becoming available in a Christmas Special with the Kindle edition free from Amazon ONLY ON: December 11, 12, 13, 14 – SO DON’T MISS IT

ISBN: Kindle; 978 18428 01376
           Paperback; 978 18428 01376

PAGES: Kindle; 462

Also available on standard terms
eLibrary: for Amazon Prime subscribers

A 16th Century grandfather tells Einarr's Saga to his grandchildren:-

Out of the mist glides a longship, followed by the rest of the fleet.

The Great Army has made landfall.

The battles to come will shape two young warriors, a girl and a boy, 
and change history for all time.

Treachery, courage, diplomacy, alliances and guile contend and combine

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