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Inspired by family sagas, the author follows two young warriors forged in battle. The family saga was handed down through the generations as a private record and, in recent years, archaeology has been proving new insights that support the family saga version of history. – Very Highly Recommended.

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Author’s Notes #2 How history is built

Over the years, the views of history have come to accept from the sagas what they once denied. There is a conceit that just because an account of history is written down, it must be correct, ignoring that much of history was originally written down many years after events, from oral history! The scribe was not only far removed from the events, but also following a political, or religious, agenda, deliberately distorting what fragments of original information remained, to fit that agenda. Continue reading

New title – “Einarr’s Saga – The Winter”

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“Einarr’s Saga – The Winter”, by Gilbert de Jonestun is a remarkable story of two young warriors, inspired by family sagas passed down through the generations.

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